Work Camps Updates (February 2012)

Work Camps Updates (February 2012)

Social/Culture (Konark – 13th to 26th February 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers cleaned and painted class room of the Ashram School and painted the fence, made a garden, taught children English to children, organised some puzzle games, conducted games taught and songs to 220 children.

Intercultural Learning: Volunteers visited the beach, music festival, interacted with Nalakana Youth group, fisherman community, visited Astrology Centres and Boat trip, participated in country presentation had cooking class.

Heritage Conservation (Hampi – 13th to 26th February 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers cleaned Gayathri temple premises collected plastic wastes, removed all weeds and unwarranted plants, engaged in teaching English and organised outdoor and indoor games for children.

Intercultural Learning: As part of intercultural learning volunteers visited Sri Virupaksha Temple and performed Pooja, visited Hampi Kannada University, Museum, Art Gallery, Library and interacted with local community, learnt the technics of meditation from meditation masters and participated in country-wise presentation of cultural event.

Yoga / Ayurveda / Culture (Kerala – 6th to 26th February 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers attended Yoga lesson every day. They also painted and cleaned garden at Special School and performed activities with kids and visually challenged children and worked on the playground.

Intercultural Learning: Volunteers visited Muthappan Temple, learnt about Indian cooking, participated in country presentation, visited snake park and Kalari Payat (Marshal Arts).

Social/Kids (Pondicherry- 6th to 19th February 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers worked for an orphanage, participated in preparing banana garden, did the fencing, cleaned the surroundings, painted desks, benches, compound wall, drew pictures  of vegetables, fruits, letters and nature scenery.

Intercultural Learning: Volunteers visited beach, temple with children, participated in Indian Family Feast, participated in Henna session organised by local volunteer, learnt Rangoli, Indian dance, participated in country presentation, interacted with local families and attended session on cooking.


Sea Turtle Conservation (Kundapur – 6th to 19th February 2012)


Camp Activities: The international volunteers built Turtle Information Centres in various locations, participated in beach awareness camping and conducted puppet-show in the schools disseminating information on the importance of sea turtle conservation

Intercultural Learning: Volunteer visited local family and had lunch, participated in boat trip, visited light house, local festival, attended session on Henna, learnt to wear Saree, participated in country presentation.

Mysore Bilateral/IWO Camp (26th Jan to 4th Feb 2012)


Camp Activities: Volunteers participated in tree plantation activities, educational painting in the school, renovated toilets, painted the walls, pillars and organised sight-seeing program for school children and shopping.

Intercultural Learning: Volunteers participated in inter-cultural evening in the school, preformed country presentation for the children and international cooking day, local sight-seeing and shopping with children and interacted with Indian family.

Bangalore Bilateral/IWO Camp (30th Jan to 12th Feb 2012)

Camp Activities: Volunteers undertook educational painting in Govt. Higher Primary School at Yeshwanthpur, taught English and Korean language to school children, organised games and singing class for children, dance for children and interacted with the local community, donated bags, T-Shirts and notebooks to children.

Intercultural Learning: Volunteers participated in the sight-seeing programme in and around Bangalore such as Lalbagh Botanical Garden, ISKCON Temple and Bannerghatta Biological Park, visited Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Science and Technological Museum, shopping in Mantri Squire and participated country presentation.

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