Vidyaniketan Field Learning Session – CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

Vidyaniketan Field Learning Session – CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS


      The Vidyaniketan Field Learning Session (FLS) will take place on the 5th of July. Vidyaniketan, a non-governmental organisation, came into being in 1988 with a view to impart quality education to children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. The organization envisions ‘an exploitation free and environmentally sustainable society’.



        What started as a small, formal kindergarten for 7 children has today grown to include close to 220 children from nursery to 7th standard (around 13 years of age). Other education initiatives of the organization include: 

–          Child labor bridge school, to help reintegrate children back into the education system

–          Formal School at Jaraganahalli,

–          Literacy classes for the women,

–          Girl Child Laborer’s rehabilitation Centers,

–          Residential Bride course for the school drop outs,

–          Early Learning Centers (ELCs), and

–          PTA/ Primary Education.

       Apart from its education initiatives, the organization has also initiated various intervention activities to realize its vision of ‘an exploitation free and environmentally sustainable society’.

      Participants of this FLS will first be meeting an international long-term volunteer (LTV) who is currently working for Vidyaniketan’s Eco Club programme. The Eco Club programme’s aim is to create awareness and to initiate intervention activities that work to achieve environmental sustainability. The LTV will introduce participants to the concept of International Voluntary Service (IVS) and their experiences at the project.

      After that, participants will be taken to the Vidyaniketan project site to attend a presentation by staff members about the organisation, the work it does, the different projects it runs, success stories etc. By witnessing and meeting people working in the development field, participants will enhance their understanding of different social causes and see how organisations are working towards them. Being able to go on site and see first-hand the problems addressed by Vidyaniketan will also give participants a fuller understanding of its current situation. Vidyaniketan will introduce participants to actions that they are taking towards an exploitation free and environmentally sustainable society, and hopefully encourage them to also take action towards it. In addition, these field learning sessions will encourage participants to get involved in working towards other issues and causes that are socially relevant.


–   Make participants aware of International Voluntary Service, and understand the experiences shared by international volunteers

–    Sensitise participants to the problems faced by disadvantaged populations and the actions taken by Vidyaniketan to aid it

–  Encourage participants to become involved in social issues such as those addressed by Vidyaniketan


What do you commit to?

What do participants commit to? 

      To participate in a FLS, participants must firstly be 18 years of age, or above, and commit to filling out this registration form and emailing it back to by the 2nd of July 2014. Not doing so would largely limit the preference of said participant attending the FLS in the event that all slots are full. This would also make planning for us much simpler if we know how many participants there will be.

Please click the following for the registration form: Registration form Vidyaniketan FLS

      Participants must also arrive to the location punctually, preferably 10 minutes prior so that we can begin on time. Since this FLS begins at 13:00, it is advised for participants to arrive at the FSL-India office by 12:50 (address given below). Participants will be asked to cover the costs of travel and transportation related to the FLS. We will not cover travel fares that are incurred by participants during the FLS.

      Lastly, participants must commit to being present and attentive throughout the FLS. Participants are discouraged to exit in the middle of an FLS.

What does the YDP commit to?

      The YDP commits to organising and arranging all details of the FLS for the participants, and providing important information to participants prior to the FLS. We will arrange transportation (although not cover the costs) to any locations during the FLS.


Practical details

 Date and time: Saturday, 5th July 2014, 12:50 – 19:00


FSL-India: #453, 1st Floor, 15th Cross, Lakkasandra, Wilson Garden, Bangalore, 560030  (

For questions, please email or call +91 9164138777.

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