Swaccha Mane Swaccha Grama”: Towards clean and plastic free village.

Swaccha Mane Swaccha Grama”: Towards clean and plastic free village.

On 16th February 2016 FSL- Kundapura team started initiative about environment, health and hygiene called “Swaccha mane Swaccha grama”. This campaign aims mainly to bring awareness to the community towards waste management, plastic free environment and health and hygiene.

Volunteer-India Volunteer-India

We conducted this campaign with collaboration of Mavinakatte Primary School and Gulwady Panchayat. Four groups with 10 children and FSL staff and volunteers, MSW students and school teachers visited village houses and interacted with community people to know about the awareness level. After that with community people we cleaned surroundings and segregated the plastic waste and the organic waste separately. We explained about the harmfulness of plastic use and sold FSL cotton bags to use on a daily basis.

During this campaign community people showed interest to clean their house and surroundings which lead to clean village in future. School children participated well and helped FSL to successfully implement this campaign. For FSL, it has also Volunteer-Indiabeen a good experience to connect with community people and to explain FSL activities to them. In future, with collaboration of Panchayath (local government), will make Mavinakatte a plastic free village. HBP staff Mr. Jeevan, Training center staff Mr. Basava Bhandary, Mr. Manjesh, Mr. Manjunath, LTV staff Mr. Ravikiran,  Mr. Gajendra, Intern Miss. Marta, Volunteers Jan, David, Elisa, Marina and HM of Mavinakatte school participated.

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