Solid Liquid Resource Management at Vandse – Manjesh BM, Field Officer, FSL-India

Solid Liquid Resource Management at Vandse – Manjesh BM, Field Officer, FSL-India

On 22nd August, FSL-India’s HBP team visited Vandse, where the Panchayat has built a Centre for Solid Liquid Resource Management (SLRM).

The recycling facility is responsible for the whole Panchayat. There is a team who collects the communities’ waste every day, while others separate the different materials. In general, 9 people are working there and they also are able to make a profit by protecting the environment. They do so through fees from the people whose trash they collect and of course, by selling the recyclables. Households are asked to separate organic (green dustbin) and non-organic (red dustbin) waste. At the recycling centre, “rubbish” is categorised into 64 different types.   

There are, for example:

  • Egg shells
  • Green glass bottles
  • Coconut shells
  • Wood
  • Tin
  • Paper
  • Lemon and orange peels
  • Metals

Some of the organic materials are used to produce animal food. Some can be utilised in the field of cosmetics. Many are great for composting. However, the majority of their collection is of non-organic materials, i.e. glass, plastic, metal etc.

The work of facilities like this is really important for the communities because it helps to keep the environment clean and the people healthy. Also, recycling materials reduces the total amount of plastics and other artificial materials.In addition, if the resources are not burned or dumped somewhere, they also don’t release so much toxic substances.

So, in general, those management facilities help the environment, the people, and the Panchayat. Further, they provide jobs and can be a great example on how to handle trash.

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