Paul, a very nice volunteer by ARIVU SAMSTHE, Mysore!

Paul, a very nice volunteer by ARIVU SAMSTHE, Mysore!

We remember Paul, from the day he stepped into School premises with FSL person.


We have always known him as a discreet and self-effacing person of a type more given to being by himself This does not mean he did not mingle with others–he readily did, always ready to pitch in with an offer of help whenever asked for.

 He has been fond of children and because of his friendly and timid nature he became a hit with children right from the beginning. They felt free to discuss anything and everything with him in whatever smattering of English they could muster up and at no time felt any inhibition. He too, on his part, would answer all their questions in the earnest. He has been punctual and regular in his attendance and has readily taken part in many cultural programmes (like drama etc.) at the school with a lot of enthusiasm.

            It is vivid in everyone’s memory how he went with us on a tour of North Karnataka in the heat of October and faced everything with a smiling face. He has, since his arrival, participated with enthusiasm in all the projects of the school, especially the one on the theme of Cycle, giving many suggestions and assistance on the kind of activities that would go a long way towards understanding of certain concepts.

            He has been a great help to the English teacher by assisting her in English classes on a regular basis. We all benefited from asking him how some of the concerned subjects were taught to him in German schools. He often would, when asked, deliberate on the topic and come up with suggestions about teaching-techniques. His methodical and measured approach attracted us alike.

            He seems to be interested in Mathematics and has assisted the Math teacher in teaching Mathematics to primary classes. From conversations with him we gather that this experience has given him a boost to take up in earnest his further studies in Arithmetic on returning to Germany.

            One aspect of his nature that has struck a deep chord in us is that we have never seen him grumbling—even when the situation was not what he had even remotely expected. Right from the beginning he has accepted whatever came his way very sportively and ungrudgingly. Be it spicy Indian food or climatic or the living conditions. So much so that he appears to have become a Mysorean—going out with sweaters and mufflers in winter and a connoisseur of Indian food! The only time we saw him a bit disturbed was in during the early part of the current calendar year, when he had trouble with recurring fever and stomach upsets. This seems to have daunted his vigor a bit.

            He has grown quite curious of the Indian approach to Life and its problems and has talked about them to us about many times. We would like to close by saying that he seems to us to be silently seeking an answer to some of his questions in India.

            All the very best to him in all his future endeavors on behalf of ARIVU !

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