Orientation- Kundapur

Orientation- Kundapur

 FSL India hosted 2 long Term Volunteers from France and Spain. Volunteers have gone through different sessions to be well prepared for their successful journey in India.

Volunteer-India  Volunteer-India

On orientation, we developed the activities we usually carry out for orientation week when more volunteers take part in it, such as Indian welcome, expectation and fear conflict in communication, Safety, Understand cultural indicator, Introduction about FSL India, Indian lifestyle, Social

Volunteer-India   Volunteer-India

concerns of India, project information, Indian pedagogy, volunteer’s role and responsibility, Hindu philosophy & a small tour of training center and SAP-K. Facilitators played some of Place for Peace games and volunteers really had fun. Overall we feel our volunteers will keep the volunteering spirit with them to bring changes in their and also in others life and will carry the same excitement throughout the stay.

We, all LTV staff, consider this orientation to be a success. Moreover, according to the volunteers’ feedback, it has actually been successful given that all feedback we have received is really positive. As the volunteer was along participant in the orientation, staff spent more time to make her feel comfortable. Everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and results.

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