MTE – October, Kundapur

MTE – October, Kundapur

In the month of October 2016, FSL LTV Kundapur organized Midterm Evaluation (MTE) for our Long term volunteers at FSL India’s Youth Training Centre The event took place between 19th to 21st October, in which 5 volunteers from AFS Germany took part in the evaluation. The main objective of the MTE is to create a platform for the volunteers to evaluate the progress made in project based on the expected outcome.

MTE - Kundapur

MTE - KundapurLTV team organized different activities like host family skit presentation, session about challenges, motivation and open discussion. We also conducted some games and energizers to make the evaluation more interesting.

We, all LTV staff, consider this evaluation to be a success. Moreover, according     to the volunteer’s feedback, it has actually been successful. Everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and resultMTE-Kundapurs.

Feedback from volunteers:

  • Relationship with coordinators and coordination got much better!
  • Good food.
  • Relaxing environment.
  • Helpful talks.
  • Thank you for the nice time. Still feeling like it is the beginning to the year but we were already talking about end of stay.
  • Got all the information I wanted.


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