Matthias Pouleau – First Long Term Volunteer

Matthias Pouleau – First Long Term Volunteer

Since August 2016 Matthias Pouleau is working as a Volunteer in our CEADS Project at Pondicherry. He is actively involved in different kind of activities since the day of his arrival.

Matthias Pouleau

He is helping at the roof top garden in the office for example, he has also supported to reorganize the garden (Helped to install the metal-structure for the climbing plants, to clean the terrace). He is also regularly watering the plants on the roof top garden, especially when it is very hot.

Sometimes he also accompanies Mr. Udaya to install Terrace garden in private person’s houses, which provides him a new experince to meet new poeple. Time to time he comes along and works at the farm in Thavalakuppam (takes care of the plants, filling big soil bags etc) or in Marakkanam. Matthias also helps during some Special Events, Trainings and Exposure visit, also captures Pictures of different event that takes place in the Organisation. Some of the events are as follows: JCI week (with several functions and training) and the monthly training on terrace gardening at Green day.

Matthias At office sometimes he helps in filing the data (like listing the visitors at CEAD). He also handles the Facebook page “Pondy terrace gardeners“, where he regularly uploads some pictures of events or roof top gardens.

Now Matthias is working on a case study about Fertilisers with Tomato and Chilly. He will note down the data weekly and analyse which dose of vermiwash is the most effective for usage. He has already seen the seeds and the have germinated. In the upcoming week he will be transplanting the seedlings to grow the bags and will start the treatment in 2 weeks.

Matthias is doing a very good work and is also learning a lot about Indian culture. Overall I wish him all the very best for rest of his stay in India and hope he have a very good experience.

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