Four months of learning, teaching and fun

Four months of learning, teaching and fun

Hi, my name Paul Kammer from Germany. Nearly 4 months ago I came to my project after the summer camp. I am living in a village near Karkala in a house right next to the Ajekar Church School. This is also my working place where I attend Kannada class and give English and Music classes. At the beginning I was very warmly welcomed by my contact person and the other people I am working/living with.


Every morning I go to the Kannada class in 1st standard, learning Kannada and assisting the teacher. I also have an 8th standard class which I am teaching English on my own, especially reading and pronunciation. This was rather difficult for me and the class at the beginning because I did not know how to act in front of the class to get their respect and attention. By now, I believe I have found a good way to do so. Usually I spend a lot of time in the LKG and play home section, as well. There I help the children, sing rhymes and play with them.


Additionally, once in a week I am doing a Music class for the students who are interested. There I teach Music theory or sing with the students. All in all it has been 6 exciting and precious months in India for me and I am looking forward to the future time here.

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