Drawing Competition Prize distribution Program at school

Drawing Competition Prize distribution Program at school

During March and April 2015 the Environmental Education project conducted prize distribution program for the drawing competition in Neralkatte, Mavinkatte, Anjuman school Kundapur, Bearys school Kodi and Soans Government Higher Primary School Kodi were totally 172 children participated.

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Theme of the competition about “Environmental issues” were the participants are encouraged to visualize their environment as well as current negative influences upon it. Drawing Competition results were often resembling the nearby environment. Most pupil drew mountains in the background and the sun rising behind them. Popular objects in the foreground were colorful houses and trees, sometimes ponds as well. Boys tend to pay more attention to technical and industrial aspects: Industrial buildings and cars could be found on several boys’ drawings. The girls were more focused on the natural aspect. Their drawings often featured more trees, pollution, protection of environment and other natural features like birds and other animals.


Drawing competitions encouraged children to enhance their interest towards Environment and as a reward prizes were distributed to the children. School Headmasters and staffs thanked FSL-India to conducting drawing competition for children. It was carried by Ms. Manjula (Coordinator) and Mr. Max, Ms. Laura (EE volunteer).

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