Don’t pollute nature: session on Pollution at Green Vally School

Don’t pollute nature: session on Pollution at Green Vally School

FSL-INDIA organized session on pollution at Green Vally school.


Volunteers who are working for sustainable agriculture, environment and Sea Turtle conservation explained about green-vally-school-3 concept of pollution, different types of pollution, role of students and measures to protect our environment. Volunteers prepared PPT and interacted with students about the topic. Before starting the session volunteers gave presentation about Germany and life style. Students showed interest to know more about Germany.

Principal of the college Mr. John Mathew welcomed volunteer with flowers. He explained about institution and eco-friendly activates which is implemented in the campus to protect environment. Student welfare co coordinator Mrs. Wihema showed the campus to volunteers and thanked volunteers, FSL for giving good session.


FSL team  Mr. Jeevan, Ms. Marta and Mr. Ravikiran accompanied volunteers and explained the purpose of session to students and volunteers. Volunteers felt very happy about today’s experience.

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