Profile – Deepak

Profile – Deepak

Deepak Chander – Joined FSL-India on 1st of August 2010 as Assistant Director – Programs

I am basically a fun loving and charismatic person with a vision to grow and reach out to youth and underprivileged people. I interact a lot with youths with an intention to motivate and bring them up with right values of our Indian culture. I love to make friends from different sectors of life with an attitude to learn and to explore the new opportunities. I have been involved in social work from past 7 years and have a strong 5 years of experience in NGOs. Previously I worked with SAIACS CEO Centre as Public relations officer. What fascinated me the most about FSL was to be involved in the Inter cultural aspect and the opportunities available to to tap into our skills and abilities.

Dedicated son and a Faithful husband:

I am the only son to my Mom Violet. Always crave to keep my mom happy as she been an ultimate inspiration to teach me to soar high even in the midst of traumas and sorrows.

I’ve been married to Shalini, three months ago, a psychologist by profession at MPA. I happened to meet my wife three years ago and sensed a life time commitment with her. She is a true blessing and adds life to my ministry.

FSL – A place with an objective to promote Global understanding.

The very objective of Global understanding and Inter- cultural learning has drawn me to FSL India. I am glad to be a part of FSL-India as Assistant Director of Programs. It is a new environment for me and gives lots of scope to interact with youths of cross culture. I am yet to learn a lot and hope to give my best in the days to come. I will be based in the Bangalore office.

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