Cultural Event- Bangalore region

Cultural Event- Bangalore region

In the month of September 2016, FSL India LTV organized for a Cultural visit at Mysore.


Mysore: Theme: Nature: In Mysore zone our FSL Coordinator took six Volunteers to SGS Ashrama  founded by  SriGanapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji, in 2014 he opened an aviary called Shuka Vana, which covers an area of one cultural-event-bangalore-region-2acre and hosts more than 1000 birds in 290 species, especially parrots. It houses also a hospital for sick and injured birds.

Afternoon they left from the SGS Ashrama and visited park named Karengikere, relaxed and enjoyed the nature. In the afternoon they had lunch with together and our Coordinator had 1 to 1 talk with volunteers about project and host family.

Feedback from Volunteers:

– I enjoyed the cultural event very much. We went to SGS Ashrama and visited the temple, shuka vana as well as a meditation Center. I learned a lot more about Birds and Indian culture by visiting these places with someone who could explain and answer my questions. I especially liked to have lunch. Thanks to FSL for the great visit and hope others can make the same experience.

-It was a nice day and enjoyed seeing both temples and birds and some video related to birds and guruji more fun with other volunteer. It was a good experience.

-Really very good day I spend with other volunteer and see temple, birds and had really delicious food.

-It was a nice day for me to see lots of birds and temple, park, museum really I enjoyed the day with other volunteers and had delicious lunch in indra café.


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