Beach walk in Uppunda – Raising awareness for sea turtles

Beach walk in Uppunda – Raising awareness for sea turtles

On Thursday 16th, the sea turtle conservation team along with seven work camp volunteers conducted an exciting Beach Event in Uppunda tarapathi alevekodi village. The first activity on this afternoon was a sand sculpture competition. The children and even some adults enjoyed building sea turtles or hatchlings out of sand and the results were impressive. Afterwards the children with the best sculptures were awarded with prizes.

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A highlight of the program was the sea turtle drama the volunteers performed for the local community. It explained the threats faced by the turtles and what the community can do to protect them.  The program finished with a small quiz, a sea turtle song and a lot of applause. All in all it was a great opportunity to raise awareness for Sea turtle conservation and to include the local community.

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