A Trip to Inner Soul-Murdeshwara Temple.

A Trip to Inner Soul-Murdeshwara Temple.

On 12th of January FSL-India’s tent school volunteers organized an excursion for the Yedthadi & Baikadi tent school children to Murdeswara temple.

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Murudeshwara is a famous for the world’s second tallest Shiva statue and is also famous for the Murudeshwara temple, a total 30 children participated in the excursion and it was a part of education trip.

Trip 3 lowTrip 1lowUsually tent school children will not get a chance to go for exposure trip, because of that we organized the trip. It was the first excursion trip to Yedthadi and Baikadi children for Murdeswara temple.

Trip 5 lowTrip 4lowChildren enjoyed to see the biggest statue, played games and enjoyed the moment and they all had lunch at Murdeswara restaurant.  This kind of trips offers an exposure to children, to get experience, chance to build rapport with other children and moreover it was also made children’s minds relax and refresh.

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