“SMART CLASS” –  A Smartest way of Learning introduced in Government Middle School in Keeranallur, Kancheepuram District with the collaboration of FSL India, Better World – Korea, Samsung Electronics Ltd – Korea and India. The computer lab, with all the laptops, chairs and tables was built during “Samsung Employee Volunteer Program” held in Nov – Dec 2013.

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With almost 10 months from the date of establishment, the regular classes with the innovative ways are carried out among the all grades of children in the school. The coordinator from FSL India Chennai Facility goes to the school and monitors the Progress of the smartest learning among the students. One of the innovative way of teaching imparted through the Smart Class is ‘Mind Mapping’.  Through this, the children can relate their learning with the images they make in the computer.

Witnessing the progress of children in the school, Samsung India donated 47 inches TV to the Smart Class. Along with the TV, they have provided lots of educational CDs for the children to make the learning process easier. An employee of Samsung takes computer and visual classes to the students in the Smart Class.

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Whenever FSL staff visits the school, he/she can always witness the happiest movement in and around the Smart Class. The computer teacher Ms. Raji commented, “This prestigious white building is not out of bricks and sand but represents smart future of our students.” The Head Master is very happy saying ” Our school is the Model for Government School in the rural setting with such a Smart Class”.

One of the Eighth Standard student Ms. Swetha expressed,

“Smart Class made us learning more interesting. Our parents are happy that I know computers.”

 It is the happiest and optimistic note to promote the SMART GENERATION in the  Indian rural setting.

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