Final Program at HMM

Final Program at HMM

On the 26th, March 2015 the final presentation held in HMM school made sure that the Master Class finished. In the presence of staff of the HMM school, the students made sure we will never forget our eight successful weeks of work. The whole ceremony was organised by the students and during their talks we remembered special moments like the ball game, dancing, drama, light bulb running and many more.

HMM_Final_1 HMM_Final_3

The program was organised for final presentation of their project work and finally distribution of  certificates to the children.

“I’m proud of my students! There are only very few children from 7th standard who can speak so confidently, organize a final presentation and make difficult projects succeed. This is not something you can learn from books, you have to learn it by doing. And our students just did it!”


-Max van Deursen,  FSL-India Eco-club project volunteer.

 The fantastic project members: Abilash, Shreeyas, Adithya, Bharath, Priya, Meghana, Nadashree, Vaishnavi, Sonica, shreeveda.

Project implementers: Max van Deursen, Laura Eckard (Volunteers of FSL-India),

Supporting team members: Manjula (Coordinator of FSL-India), Melinda (teacher of HMM school).

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