SGAP India 2018 (Samsung’s Global Acceleration Program 2018): 6th-10th August, Day 2

SGAP India 2018 (Samsung’s Global Acceleration Program 2018): 6th-10th August, Day 2

Day 2 of SGAP India 2018 had a series of lectures in the morning, followed by mentoring sessions in the afternoon. Samsung’s Global Acceleration Program is a part of their Employee Volunteer Program and the team chose the name ‘Purple Keystone’ for themselves.

The first lecture for the day was by Mr Junghoon Cho, Life Mentoring Team Leader from Samsung, South Korea. Mr Cho spoke about ‘Relumino’ – an invention that gives sight to the visually impaired, developed and patented by Samsung. Relumino glasses have touched the lives of countless people around the world and given them the priceless gift of eyesight.

The next lecture was by Professor Amit Prakash of IIITB, who spoke about ‘Social Inclusions & Technology Designs’. Professor Amit has provided solutions to streamline the Public Distribution System of staples, as well as provided learning opportunities for visually impaired children, as well as supplements to malnourished children in rural areas.

‘Platform Business Model for Startups’ delivered by Professor V Sridhar of IIITB was the last lecture for the morning. His enthusiasm was infectious and his lecture informative, exciting and inspiring.

After the lunch break, we had a special guest speaker – Mr Mahendra Swarup, the  founder of venture Gurukool. He gave the Startup participants some important and useful insights into ‘Venture Capital & The Best Time To Raise Funds’.





Then, it was time for the mentoring sessions. Led by Pranveer of Samsung, the mentors and the ‘mentees’  proceeded to the respective mentoring rooms for their sessions.
























We had an interactive tea break, where all the Startup groups and their mentors played Korean games and won prizes.

A final mentoring session, and then it was time to wrap things up for the day. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and are looking forward to tomorrow.
















The FSL-India, Better World and Samsung teams headed back to the hotel to prepare for Day 3 of the Boot Camp. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.

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