SGAP India 2018 – Day 3

SGAP India 2018 – Day 3

FSL-India facilitated the Samsung Global Accelerator Program India 2018, held at IIITB, Bangalore from 6th-10th August 2018. Day 3 began with ‘CEO Speaks’ lectures in the morning.

The 1st lecture of the day was delivered by Mr Nitin Tailor, CEO & Founder of Serve Happiness Foundation, Bharuch Gujarat. Mr Tailor spoke about his entrepreneurial life journey and briefly, about his work of Serve Happiness Foundation (focused on Social Entrepreneurship). He also spoke about entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities for startups and the role of entrepreneurship in building the nation.

The next lecture was delivered by Mr Pavan Soni, who spoke on ‘The Importance of Marketing & GTM Strategy for Startups.

After a short coffee break, one of the mentees – Mr Anand Kumar, delivered a lecture on ‘Legal & Compliance Issues’, after which the group broke for lunch.

In the first part of the afternoon, there was a Tech Panel discussion on Software & Hardware, followed by Marketing Panel Discussion on Sales & Marketing.

Break time at 4:00 pm was a time for interactive Korean games, followed by a group mentoring session.





The highlight of the day was the Networking Party after the wrap up. The entertainment began with some Bollywood dances in which the Koreans as well as the Startup members joined in enthusiastically. Next, there was a sing-song session where one of the startup members sang a Hindi song and some of the Koreans sang a Korean song.


















After this, the Startup members were quizzed on SGAP 2018, as well as some trivia on South Korea, saying ‘Hello’ in 6 different languages, and pronouncing the name of one of the youth volunteers of Samsung’s Purple Keystone team from their Employee Volunteer Program. Everybody had a good time and the FSL-India and Better World teams went on to prepare for tomorrow’s event.














Keep watching this space for more news on SGAP India 2018, facilitated by FSL-India.


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