Alaska to Dharamshala … a long journey for Community Development

Alaska to Dharamshala … a long journey for Community Development

FSL India ran the CCS Squad Abroad 2 week camp at Dharamshala from 2nd June 2018 – 16th June 2018. This time, we had a team all the way from Alaska, which included 11 students, 1 teacher and 4 parents.

The team worked at Heeru Government School at Dharamshala and taught the children Basic English and Mathematics, health and hygiene awareness, as well as environmental protection, through creative learning methods like art, craft, music and games.









In addition, the volunteers helped to improve the infrastructure in the schools by taking up the construction of a new hand wash station for the school children, renovating and installing water tank for toilet and installing water purifier for the school.









To promote learning and cultural exchange, some activities were conducted at the home base every day after the school session, i.e. guest lecturing on the life of women in India, Hindi language vocabulary class, artisan classes (henna and macramé), interaction with a local women’s group and a cooking class to learn about Indian cuisine.




Most of the participants felt very much at home with every part of the program. The volunteers had the opportunity to interact freely with Tibetan monks and get to know there life style and also visit some local places  like the local market, Palampur Tea Factory, Kangra ford, Dalai Lama Temple,  Narbulingka Institute, the Tibet Museum, and the Tibetan children’s village community.

Overall, the volunteers had a very good time during this project.


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