Fun & Games – FSL-India’s Senior Summer Camp for Children

Fun & Games – FSL-India’s Senior Summer Camp for Children

Once again, FSL’s India Centre for Experiential Living (CEL) Kundapura, conducted a Senior Summer Camp for children of the local community between 9th – 11th May. All in all, 20 children participated in this month’s camp.

energizer3The camp started on Wednesday, with some fun games and a nice welcome to all the children who joined our camp. After some motivating “Energizers” the children joined the Environmental Education volunteers for building “Eco- Bricks”. Eco- Bricks are old plastic bottles filled up tight with used plastic waste to resemble bricks. These sustainable bricks will be used to build a bench for the Bus Stand in Shetrakatte, outside CEL.

A-Z Collage2

After a delicious lunch, the children were informed about our Sustainable Agriculture Project and sustainable methods used in our CEL. Afterwards, the SAP- K volunteers showed the children one of the methods used by us, i.e. sowing seeds in used waste bottles.

Plantation in Bottle

The next day was full of competitions. In the morning, the children played some fun ball games like “prison ball” which they enjoyed a lot, and continued playing in the break time.



Furthermore, a clay competition was conducted, in which the children could build their own model for the topic of sustainable farming. The children especially enjoyed this session a lot, because they could let their imagination run free and create something out of their own minds.


Later that day, the children were shown some educational videos about environmental safety and gender equality. To end the day, everyone gathered together outside, to participate in some fun competitive games, i.e. musical chairs and basket race.



On the last day, the children once again joined together in the morning for some energizing games to start the day. Then, some of the volunteers prepared a quiz and the children made an A-Z collage, in which they had to find an object for every letter of the alphabet and then present it.


After a delicious lunch, the children participated in a meditation session, in which they then had to write a thank you letter to their family and friends, to show them that they love and appreciate  them.

     A-Z collage

Afterwards, a little fun video with photos of the camp was shown to look back on the 3 days, and a feedback round was held.


All in all, the camp was a success for both the children, our volunteers and the staff, since everyone enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Thank you to the Spanish Fundraisers for making this camp possible!

We hope to see all the children back at next year’s camp.

group photo

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