NH-17 Mid Term Evaluation, LTV Kundapur – February 2018

NH-17 Mid Term Evaluation, LTV Kundapur – February 2018

FSL-India’s LTV team-Kundapur organized a Mid-Term Evaluation for our long-term volunteers. The program was held for 3 days from 26th-28th February 2018. In total, 37 volunteers from AFS & IJGD participated in this evaluation.


The MTE was organized at FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living. The objective of the MTE is to ensure that the volunteers understand about their project, host family, and the intercultural acceptance through evaluation, and to help the participants to prepare themselves for their future actions.



 In these 3 days, the following topics were covered to bring out the learnings from the volunteers during the   program:

  * Intercultural experience in the host family

  * Understanding of German and Indian cultures

  * Future plans after completing the service learning program

  * Study on intercultural learning experience

  * Evaluating the present situation in the program by chart method

  * Bringing out the personal development or growth by evaluating themselves and also others

  * One-to-one talk with the concerned coordinator, for better improvement of the program.




We, FSL-India’s LTV staff, consider this evaluation to be a success. Moreover, according to the volunteers’ feedback, it has actually been successful. Although successful, it has also been challenging at some point. Despite this, everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and the results.




Feedback from volunteers:

– I really liked the sessions this time, good topics (self-reflection)
– Lot of free time to talk with other volunteers
– Nice atmosphere
– Enough time for good talks with others
– Relaxed
– Best seminar so far, still room to improve, for example, less group presentations and more input. Thank you for taking our    suggestion and for realising some of them (e.g. less energizers, more free time for talking)
– Good session
– Food was super
– Good balance of sessions and free time
– Food was sufficient and tasty. I would like to get more input in form of cultural information, movies, presentation, and texts


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