Christmas Eve in India – Annelie Tschemmer, Germany (Sparsha Trust, Regular Teaching Project)

Christmas Eve in India – Annelie Tschemmer, Germany (Sparsha Trust, Regular Teaching Project)

It’s cold outside, the snow has been falling for weeks and I can hear my father walking to our garden to get wood in order to set up the fireplace in our living room. I’m wrapped in my warmest blanket, watching the snow fall outside my window.

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Eventually, I leave my warm bed to walk downstairs to the kitchen. My mother is setting up our breakfast table, I can smell the freshly baked bread, the hot chocolate, and the gingerbread that she is carrying to the living room. The firewood is crackling, warming up our house and hearts…this would have been the morning of Christmas Eve if I hadn’t left for India.

Celebrating Christmas in Bangalore has been an exciting, unique experience. My roommate and I decided to go to a church in a Christian, German society in Bangalore. It was a wonderful service that even included an Indian dance and my favourite Christmas songs.

Afterwards, we had Stolen (German Christmas cake), gingerbread, coffee, and cookies with the members of the community of the Christian church. It was great to feel the Christmas spirit and to talk to all the individuals, getting to know their background and their experiences in India.

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Later this evening, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, to pamper ourselves on this very special day, having pizza, pasta, and tiramisu.

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It was a beautiful day, filled with joy and laughter, yet I prefer spending Christmas Eve with my family, singing songs in the living room and wrapping ourselves in warm blankets whilst watching the snow covering our backyard.

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