Outbound Experience: Anushri Joshi – German Red Cross Participant

Outbound Experience: Anushri Joshi – German Red Cross Participant

Dreaming about living in a new and different country is always a dream for many. When I got such an opportunity from FSL-India it was a dream come true. The programs they offer are really amazing and worthwhile.

My first snow!

My project is based in the beautiful, small city of Münster, in the state of  Westfalen, Germany. It has been almost 2 ½ months that I have been in Germany. I have already completed the B2 level in the German language in India and can understand life and things around really well. But still, every day, there is something new to learn and realize.  Until now, I have traveled to only 4 cities in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. I love to photograph as I travel, so there are some pictures of the beautiful and famous places that are captured by me.

Münster(my city) principalmarkt1

I work with people who are physically and mentally/psychologically challenged, in a house which is made for them. They are aged between 21-70. I feel so lucky and grateful to get selected for this particular project. Leaving home, family, friends, and the usual comfortable life that I had been living wasn’t that easy.

Initially, it was so difficult to be comfortable at a new place with new people with whom I had to work. They were different and I couldn’t understand them. I was scared when I heard about their mental illnesses. I was uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to do because they acted so differently. I had different perspectives about things and them. I didn’t feel good at all being there.

But guess what happened? After almost a month, everything changed. I talk to them more than anyone else. I have fun with them like I do it with my best friends. Now, I love spending most of my time with them. I feel so happy.

Typical German breakfast!

My perspective changed with only one story. I met the lady who teaches meditation and relaxing methodologies at the Centre. When she worked as a nurse for almost more half of her life, she was worn out from her experiences and even her personal life was totally in a mess. She was in a state of depression and was thinking of ending her life. Nobody could understand her. Then she met someone who was mentally challenged. And that person just sensed her problems and started to ask about them. She was so touched.

I was touched too. How could a mentally challenged person know and sense all that? It was all about their souls. Their souls are not only pure enough to know the difference between good and bad but can also see deep things beyond eyes. They just want and give love, they don’t crave for money or any other materialistic things. They are beautiful inside.

From that day onwards all my fears vanished, I started loving them like my family. I began to see them through their souls, overseeing their outer activities. I feel so grateful being with them and getting an opportunity to take care of them.

My perspective totally changed. They are best people in the world and we shouldn’t treat them differently. They will love you without any reason, which I experience every day. And when I get warm hugs from a granny as I enter my project place and then they just hold me tight saying “Du bist meine Süße” which means, “You are my sweetie-pie”. It’s the best feeling in the world for me to be in that moment.

Love is the medicine!

Münster(my city) principalmarkt

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