My experiences in India, 2017-2018: Anais Stella Marie Brox, Germany

My experiences in India, 2017-2018: Anais Stella Marie Brox, Germany

Since 05.08.2017, I am in India. The past 5 months have been very exciting. My project is called CEAD. Corina and I are working on a farm.

Anias - Feb 2018 (1) Our tasks are to work in the vermi compost unit, weeding, planting plants, harvesting and watering plants. We also do some projects by ourselves. We are trying to make the farm more enviroment-friendly.

Anias - Feb 2018 (3)

Since the end of August, there is also an agriculture college. We are teaching the college students English and taking part in their agriculture classes.

Anias - Feb 2018 (2)

With Corina, I am living with a host family in Thavalapuppam.

Anias - Feb 2018 (4)

On our roof, there is a canteen for the college students. We eat with them together. If they have holidays, we cook with our host mom.

Anias - Feb 2018 (8)

India is, of course, a great country to travel. We went to Mysore for Dasara, visited New Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and I traveled around the west coast.

Anias - Feb 2018 (9)

We had a great time and no huge difficulties. During our travels, we learned how many cultural differences and various landscapes India has.

Anias - Feb 2018 (6)

I appreciate it to live for one year in this country full of colour, life, and diversity.  Especially the Indian festivals are great and totally different than in Germany.

Anias - Feb 2018 (7)

I am very glad to have 6 months left and I am happy to learn more about this incredible country!

Anias - Feb 2018 (5)

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