Mid-term Evaluation for Our Long Term Volunteers

Mid-term Evaluation for Our Long Term Volunteers

In the month of February 2018, FSL-India’s LTV Bangalore region organized a Midterm Evaluation (MTE) for our Long-Term Volunteers at Pondicherry and Mysore.

MTE-Pondy-Feb 2018 (4)

The event took place between 15th-16th February 2018 at Pondicherry, and 19th-20thFebruary 2018 at Mysore. At Pondicherry, there were 20 volunteers and at Mysore, there were 12 volunteers from AFS, EG & IJGD, Germany who participated in the evaluation.

MTE-Pondy-Feb 2018 (1)

MTE-Mysore-Feb 2018 (1)

The main objective of the MTE is to evaluate the volunteer’s learnings and contributions in order to develop appropriate strategies, to attain quality results.

MTE-Pondy-Feb 2018 (5)

MTE-Mysore-Feb 2018 (5)

The LTV team organized different activities like personal development, outlook on the future, project challenges and progress, cultural and inter-cultural learning, as well as baseline surveys.

MTE-Mysore-Feb 2018 (3)

MTE-Mysore-Feb 2018 (2)

MTE-Pondy-Feb 2018 (2)

We also conducted some games and energizers to make the evaluation more interesting.

MTE-Mysore-Feb 2018 (4)

Feedback from Volunteers

* Fun games

* You were amazing

* Water game was amazing

* Finally addressing a problem

* Good solution to problem

* Thank you for the cake

* Dinner was not good

* Nice talk about problem

* Group activities were better than last time

* Food was good

* The idea of the flower was nice

* Nice to see everybody again

* Swalpa Kannada gottu

* Nice food and poori

* Good accommodation

MTE-Pondy-Feb 2018 (3)

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