Following the Turtle Trail in Coastal Karnataka: Bangalore Times, 5th January 2018

Following the Turtle Trail in Coastal Karnataka: Bangalore Times, 5th January 2018

The survival of the sea turtle is critically linked to the conservation of our environment. The huge number of deaths of these creatures, particularly during the nesting season is a key indicator that we need to relook at our conservation efforts, as well as the programmes in place to educate the fisherman community.

InkedTimes of India-News Paper 5th Feb 2018

“Mini harbours along the coastline disrupt the natural shifting of sand, which in turn affects the breeding of the marine creatures. There is also a lack of a monitoring system to keep an eye on the turtle population.

The success rate of the hatchlings is still very low. Out of say 1500 eggs laid, some 1200 baby turtles are hatched, with only 250 of them finally surviving. Turtles are an important factor for the fishing community. Turtles eat jellyfish, limiting them from preying on little fish.”

– Rakesh Soans, President, FSL-India

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