Day 6: 20th Happy Move Camp-Anantapur

Day 6: 20th Happy Move Camp-Anantapur

After the cultural visit to Nandi Hills and the Silicon City of Bangalore, led by the FSL-India team, the Happy Movers took up the challenge to work at the 2nd block of Penukonda, Anantapur district. They had a warm welcoming ceremony from the schoolchildren and teachers.

Welcoming ceremony (3)


Welcoming ceremony (2)

Welcoming ceremony (4)

Welcoming ceremony (5)

The day began by explaining about the project activities on which volunteers had to work for the next 3 days, in 2 schools of Penukonda.

Project explaination (1)

All the volunteers were divided into 2 groups.  The members of the groups were involved in the following activities:

Construction of handwash basin sink, kitchen renovation and making stone benches

Renovation (1)

Renovation (2)

Painting and educational activities for the children, art and craft work.

Painting work (4)

Painting work (3)

Education activity (2)

Education activity (1)

With the children’s cooperation, they were actively involved in carrying sand, stone, and cement for renovation activities.

Renovation (3)

The volunteers were trained well in construction work and handling tools, as they were familiar with the last week of practicing construction jobs at Rapthadu site.

Painting work (2)

Painting work (1)

It was a good day for both the children and the Happy Movers – a new beginning at another location, a good start.

Welcoming ceremony (1)

We’re not done yet – stay tuned for more news updates, shortly.

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