Day 1: 20th Happy Move Camp, Anantapur

Day 1: 20th Happy Move Camp, Anantapur

The 20th Happy Move Camp commenced at Anantapur from 30th of January 2018. Totally, 80 Korean volunteers and 16 Indian volunteers from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University participated in the project.


Day 1 started with an orientation for all the volunteers about the entire project, covering roles and responsibilities and do’s and don’ts  in the camps.


This was followed by experiential education training to build the team, and a powerful exercise to get together. This was conducted through different games and exercises.


In the afternoon, the entire team went to Raptadu village. There was a grand welcome by the local school for the volunteers. They offered roses to each volunteer and ‘aarathi’ with an application of kumkum (vermilion powder) on the forehead.


Later, they were divided into groups and 3 groups started working in the High School and one team of 25 volunteers started working in the Primary  School.

Education1 (4)

They worked on education and renovation activities.

Education1 (3)

Renovation activities (1)

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