Cultural Event – Bangalore Region (Mysore)

Cultural Event – Bangalore Region (Mysore)

In the month of February 2018, FSL-India LTV Bangalore Region organized a Cultural Event (CE) at Mysore Zone, under a different theme – Brindavan Gardens and KRS Dam, Mysore for 2 volunteers.

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The Brindavan Gardens is a garden located in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka, India. It lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam, which is built across the river Kaveri. The work on laying out this garden was started in the year 1927 and completed in 1932. Visited by close to 2 million tourists per year, the garden is one of the major attractions of Srirangapatna.

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The garden is maintained by the Cauvery Niravari Nigama (Cauvery Irrigation Department), a Government of Karnataka enterprise. It is spread across an area of 60 acres (240,000 m2). Adjoining it is also a fruit orchard spread across 75 acres (300,000 m2) and 2 horticultural farms, Nagavana (30 acres) and Chandravana (5 acres).

The garden is laid out in 3 terraces which contain water fountains, Ficus trees, foliage plants such as Durantaplumaria and Euphorbia and flowering plants like Celosia, Marigold and Bougainvillea. The garden is open to the public and an entry fee is charged. The garden also has topiary works (sculptures of animals created by clipping shrubs), pergolas (shaded passageway covered by creepers) and gazebos.

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The main attraction of the park is the musical fountain in which bursts of water are synchronised to the music of songs. There is also a lake within the garden with boating facilities available for visitors. In the afternoon, they had lunch together, after which the FSL-India Coordinator had a 1-to-1 talk with the volunteers about the project and the host family.

Feedback from Volunteer

* Good cultural experience

* It was the best experience

* Nice and relaxing place

* Good time with another volunteer

CE - Mysore - February 2018 (2)

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