20th Happy Move Camp: Cultural Trip to Nandi Hills & Silicon City, Bangalore

20th Happy Move Camp: Cultural Trip to Nandi Hills & Silicon City, Bangalore

FSL-India organised a cultural trip for the HMC group members on the 5th day of the program. In this cultural visit, we took the Happy Movers to a historical site and also visited the metropolitan city of Bangalore.

Temple visit

The cultural visit was held on 4th February 2018 with the Happy Move group, at Nandi Hills. FSL-India planned to visit Nandi village and the historical and ancient Sri Bhoga Nandeeswaraswamy temple, which is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, in Chikkaballapura District.

Temple visit (14)

Temple visit (7)

Temple visit (6)

In the morning, the Happy Move group traveled from Anantapur to Nandi village. It was a 2 ½  hours’ journey. After reaching Nandi village, first, they entered the temple.

Temple visit (8)

Temple visit (13)

It was a very special day and a special pooja was going on. A lot of people were gathered in the temple.

Temple visit (3)

The group took darshana and then went to visit the Kalyani (temple pond).

Temple visit (12)

The volunteers were excited to see the people around the temple.

Temple visit (11)

Temple visit (5)

Afterwards, they sat down in the temple court and the FSL-India team explained the temple history to the volunteers.

Temple visit (9)

Visit to Bangalore

After visiting Nandi village, the FSL-India team and the Happy Movers traveled to Bangalore’s famous Commercial Street, where the volunteers understood the urban lifestyle and engaged in shopping at a variety of shops.



The cultural visit was very good. It was very interesting and nice.

Temple visit (4)

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