New, Eco-friendly Mattresses at CEL

New, Eco-friendly Mattresses at CEL

In the beginning of February, FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living (CEL), Kundapur received “new” mattresses for their accommodation.


The old mattresses were very old and therefore not comfortable anymore and most importantly, not eco- friendly.

So, the CEL team had the bright idea to reuse the old mattresses to make “new” ones. The process took all day, but was very simple:

The cotton from the old mattresses was taken out and then put into a stuffing machine, to reuse it later. With this machine, they were able to stuff the new bedding material with the old cotton. Afterwards, the mattresses were stitched together to get them sealed.


Voila! 13 “new” reused mattresses that are overall eco-friendly!


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