Theresa Lina, Germany – Weltwaerts program participant

Theresa Lina, Germany – Weltwaerts program participant

My name is Theresa and I am a Weltwaerts volunteer from Germany. Totally, I will stay for 9 months here in India, so that’s a long time, but at the moment, I have the feeling that the time is running too fast and 9 months are too short.


I am working at a sustainable agriculture project at the Varanashi farm. The farm is located at Adyanadka, a small village in Bantwal Taluk, at the border of Karnataka and Kerala. My daily tasks are in the mornings, mostly working at the nursery at this farm, or working in the office. In the nursery, one of my main tasks is the watering of plants, filling plastic bags with soil and planting new pepper plants in these bags. In the office, the work is a bit different. There, I am packaging the manure which is also produced at the farm, or working with bacteria cultures.

Here, you can see a second volunteer and me during our work in the office, where we are packaging the manure. Of course, the work is not always interesting, but mostly, I am working together with some workers from here, or with other volunteers. For this reason, we are able to find ways to have fun during work all the time.


Furthermore, I got the chance to work in my evenings, as a swimming teacher in Puttur, a town which is maybe 30 minutes by car from my new hometown Adyanadka. This picture is from a pool in Bangalore where one of my new friends is working. I guess I don’t have to say more about this picture, it is simply a beautiful place.


So, you can see, there are always different works and tasks to do and it is never getting boring. Oh and another task can also be to look after guests which are coming mostly at the weekend for holidays. On days like this, some other people and I are looking after the guests the whole day, organizing geocaching, cycling tours, water activities, mud volleyball and many more activities.

Days like this are always long because we start with the breakfast around 8 am and close the day with a campfire around 10 or 11 pm. But still, I love these days because it is always fun with the visitor groups and the people I am working with.

Here is one picture of the mud volleyball field. The plants which are growing around the field are the rice plants of this farm.


And at the end, some more pictures which developed during my holidays where a friend who is also a volunteer and me traveled to Mysore (during the Diwali festival), Bangalore, Kochi, Alappuzha and Kollam.



The market in Mysore, the streets in Mysore during Diwali, the Backwater Tour in Allapuzha are beautiful and I enjoyed my travels very much.




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