Sea Turtle Work Camp: Till Schirrmeister, Germany – IJGD participant in STC Project

Sea Turtle Work Camp: Till Schirrmeister, Germany – IJGD participant in STC Project

Once a year, FSL-India conducts a work camp for Sea Turtle Conservation (STC). So, for the last 2 weeks, from 15th-28th January, one work camp volunteer, Donghyun Han from South Korea, joined our project.

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The FSL-India team did a lot of different activities during the week. In the first week, we started with mural painting at the Navunda Primary School and painted murals on a big wall. The next day, we joined the waste management rally at Neralakatte village.

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In the next week, the team from FSL-India went to Navunda Badakere Primary School, to conduct a session for the children of IV-VIII Stds. They explained about the Sea Turtle Conservation project and Han explained the feeding chain very well to the children. The team had a lot of intercultural exchange with the teachers and the schoolchildren.

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The next day after the session at the school, we went once again, to the same school, to conduct a drawing competition. The students had the opportunity to implement their knowledge of the day before into art. We had great results and a lot of fun with the children and the teachers. Afterwards, the FSL-India team awarded the best pictures with prizes and also gave some educational booklets to the school library.

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After the school activities and the drawing competition were completed, we promoted one more big event, which we had been planning for a long time – the beach cleaning at Navunda beach. Therefore, we went along to the fisherman community to motivate and involve the people there.

On 25th January, the team from FSL-India conducted the beach cleaning. We started the cleaning early morning and continued until 1 pm. Everyone was really happy to see all the motivated students and also that our promotion of the days before had a positive effect because, after a while, all the people from the fishermen community joined us to support our project.

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A work camp is not only about work. It should also give the volunteer an idea about Indian culture. Therefore, we used the last day of the work camp to promote this aspect. Together, we visited first a local factory and saw how cashew nuts are processed and packed before being shipped to their customers.Then we went to another NGO, to also get a different perspective on social work. At the end of the trip, we went to the temple.

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The work camp was a great success. Everyone enjoyed themselves a lot and we had a good time together. Han said that he would like to come back to India. He really liked the intercultural exchange and voluntary work of the 2-week work camp.

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