Environmental Education session at Nempu College

Environmental Education session at Nempu College

Once again, we – Tizia, Ellen and Manjesh from FSL-India – went to school for a session on Environmental Education. For the last 3 weeks, we visited the college at Nempu regularly.


In the beginning, we knew it would be a special challenge for us. Until that time, we were only used to teaching primary children. So, we had to prepare the sessions very well and to choose the topics because we only had 3 lessons instead of 5.


We talked about the ecosystem in general, living and non-living components, food chain, waste- management, resources, and pollution.


During the waste-management session, we played a game called how long does it take to degrade. In this game, the students have a timeline and different items (cotton bag, shoe, plastic bag, cigarette etc.) which they have to bring in the right order of their degradability. The students discussed a lot and changed the order again and again. After we gave them the right answers and they were surprised and a little bit shocked.


In the beginning, the students were very shy, but in time, they showed more proactivity and got more self-awareness.



It was such a great experience to teach the college students and give them awareness and inspiration about the environment.


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