Christmas in Germany: Fedora Dipanjali, Outbound participant, IJGD

Christmas in Germany: Fedora Dipanjali, Outbound participant, IJGD

The past one month has been an interesting experience since we have slowly started welcoming winter and also getting ready for Christmas.


At work, I have now started assisting two groups, which means I get to work with more clients and colleagues and learn more about each of them and how to work with them.

We recently had our Nikolaus bazaar, where we invite friends and family for a small program from our clients, followed by coffee and display all their artwork and Christmas goodies made by the clients which are also for sale. For the past few weeks, we have been busy getting these things ready for the bazaar – making chains, bracelets, earrings, making different jams and wine, and baking cookies.



I have been having a good time at my workplace; my colleagues have been very inclusive and are helping me learn German more by talking to me in German and teaching me new words every day.┬áChristmas celebrations have started at home with my host family, which they also make sure I’m a part of.


Overall, I have been enjoying my volunteer experience and stay so far, and have been learning so much about the work environment that I am in and a lot about myself, personally.

Thank you, FSL-India for giving me this unique opportunity.


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