A Few Words and Love: Aiswarya, Outbound Participant – Service Civique, France

A Few Words and Love: Aiswarya, Outbound Participant – Service Civique, France

When there is no language to communicate and no prior experiences with the environment or people, how will we create healthy relationships with people? I wanted to know the answer to my question. That is why I decided to move to France without learning French. Fortunately, in the organisation where I work, only a few people understand English. So it is a perfect opportunity for the experiment for myself.


Within the first one month, I could connect with everyone in the house. Now, I completed two months, I can talk a few words and I can understand 40 percent of the conversation. I would say the experiment is giving beautiful results for me because of the close communication with Philip and Nicola. They are living in the same house and they don’t even know a word in English.


For the first time, we all were together in the kitchen. (There will be a kitchen team every day to cook for the whole house). I understood the strong connection between us on that day. Even though we were dancing and singing all the time, we completed all the work one hour before lunch. Also, we got appreciation for the food from everyone. We were all happy and hugging after we finished everything. During the work, both Philip and Nicola drew the symbol of love on my hands and said, “Tres bien, Equip Cuisine” (Very good, Kitchen Team).


The tools that I used for the communication worked much better than I expected. I know a few words like “Ca va?” (How are you?), “Tres bien” (Very well) etc. Whenever I saw Philip and Nicola, I wished them with a good smile. I always offered help to them and started to make jokes about my weird expressions and actions. Also, I asked for help to read the newspaper every morning (I couldn’t get the meaning of the words but still, I improved my reading skills with them). More importantly, I improved my wishing every week. First, it was just a smile, then a big smile, then a big smile with words, then a big smile with words and a kiss on their cheeks, then I started to hug them. During this period, they also tried to communicate very well to me by responding to everything with great interest.


One day, Nicola started to call me “Soleil” (Sunlight) and he said my smile is like sunlight during the heavy winter for him. Philip also appreciated me by saying similar kinds of things (there was no translator while he said that). I got more confidence in my expression of love through my smile by looking into their eyes.

The experiment is going to finish because I am improving in the language. But the beautiful days of the experiment are precious, as it gives me an immense amount of confidence to reach new people without bothering about the barrier of language. I believe building communication is all about a few words and lots of love. Thank you, FSL-India for giving me this wonderful opportunity.


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