2011-2017 FSL-India has had a lot of changes & I would like to be a part of SAP-K Project again – Lisa Anderson, Germany

2011-2017 FSL-India has had a lot of changes & I would like to be a part of SAP-K Project again – Lisa Anderson, Germany

I am Lisa Anderson from Germany. I participated in FSL-India’s Sea Turtle Project through the IJGD batch of 2011-12.

group picture with staff

I was attracted by the Indian culture and food, so I wanted to come again to India to do master service in Environment. I started last September in Sirsi, North Kanara district. I have 6 months to study my project and in February, I will leave for my country.

When I started volunteering with FSL-India, it was a small office near Shastri Circle and there were 3 offices surrounding Kundapura. My coordinator was Mr Daya and he introduced the project and was also monitoring the project in 2011. I worked on many beaches in Kundapura to save sea turtles by building Information Centres with coconut leaves near beaches and also hatcheries, went on a beach walk, harbour visit, visited fisherman communities, had meetings with Fisherman Societies, organized a Puppet Show and participated in many other activities. It is my life’s best memory and I won’t forget all those experiences where FSL-India has taught and impacted me. Still, I am excited that the project is going well and many volunteers are reading and following our record files.

Explaining about project

So, when I decided to join the Environment project in India, I chose coastal Karnataka state because I spent 1 year in that state where I learned many things which gave me self-security and safety. Before I joined the project, in my mind one thing kept reminding me that “I must meet FSL-India project participants and staff at Kundapura.” So, finally, I visited the FSL-India Centre for Experiential Living and met the project, staff, and my host family. I was surprised to find that all 3 offices are in one place, amidst beautiful natural surroundings. Mr Basava Bhandary, Mr Dinesha, Mr Manjunath and Mr Manjesh explained about all the projects of the Centre and I feel that I want to join the SAP-K project once again.

So, I will say thanks to FSL-India and the staff for explaining about everything and giving me the opportunity and good hospitality during my visit. See you soon.

Welcoming in FSL office


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