November Cultural Event – Kundapur

November Cultural Event – Kundapur

In the month of November 2017,  the Cultural Event was held on 29th November 2017 with 2 volunteers.


Every month, FSL-India organises a cultural event for our regular LTV volunteers and we take them to any cultural and historical places which are located in and around Mangalore. This month, the cultural meet was focused on an actual cultural experience.


In the morning, the FSL-India group started their travel from the meeting point to Attur church. It is a Roman Catholic Church church in Karkala It came into existence in 1759 and has a history of miracles.


The group spent some time in the church.


After lunch, the FSL-India group visited a Christian family and the volunteers had interaction with the family. The family offered coffee and snacks to the volunteers. In the evening, the FSL-India group visited the Bahubali statue and Jain’s Basadi in Karkala.


The statue is carved from a single piece of rock and it is a free-standing statue.


The Bahubali statue was at the top of the mountain and the volunteers enjoyed a beautiful view of Karkala from the top.



After the visits, the volunteers traveled back to Kundapur, where everybody could enjoy the rest of the day with the host family.


Feedback from the volunteers:

* During our trip to Karkala, we got to see many beautiful places of different kinds. Since our coordinator is from the          area, he could tell us about the historical sites we visited, as well as provide us the local insights about the places,           making it a more meaningful experience. Overall, it was a great day.

* I really enjoyed the cultural day. To be in a small group is different and allows more contact. Visiting the coordinator’s      family helps to better understand him. The temple touched me a lot, I like the feeling present in the place. It’s nice that    the coordinators take the time to share their approach to culture


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