NH-17 Quarterly Evaluation – A Cultural Fragrance

NH-17 Quarterly Evaluation – A Cultural Fragrance

FSL-India’s LTV team, Kundapur organized a Quarterly Evaluation (QTE) for the long-term volunteers. The evaluation was conducted over a period of 2 days, i.e. 23rd and 24th November 2017. In total, 38 volunteers from AFS and IJGD took part in this evaluation. The QTE was organized at FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living (CEL), Kundapur.


The objective of the QTE is to ensure that the volunteers understand about their project, host family, and the intercultural acceptance through evaluation, and to help participants prepare themselves for their future actions.


On the first day, the LTV Kundapur team organized different activities like host family skit presentation, a session about challenges, motivation, and an open discussion.


We also conducted some games for group bonding and some energizers. In the evening, local farmer Shekar Shetty invited everyone to a Yakshagana program and dinner.


Yakshagana (songs of the demi-gods) is an ancient theatrical form of presenting mythological and historical stories, based on the Hindu epics such as the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Puranas. This unique theatre style originated in the coastal districts of Karnataka and includes music, dance, dialogues and colourful costumes with elaborate headgear, similar to that of western opera.


So, all the volunteers including the staff visited Shekar Shetty’s house, had dinner on a banana leaf and watched the beautiful Yakshagana prasanga (story) of Nagakannika, which tells of a snake being reborn as a human being to take revenge. The family welcomed each and every one very warmly and explained about the history of Yakshagana. The volunteers enjoyed the costumes and acting of the Yakshagana troupe.


The second day started with energisers, after which Gajendra, FSL-India’s LTV Regional Coordinator explained about the SDG goals. Based on this, the volunteers divided themselves into 5 groups and discussed about SDG goals in their project. They chose one issue in their own project and presented this.


Next, they had to collect items beginning with the alphabets A to Z from the natural resources available. Finally, the volunteers performed a skit on daily life in the project with the host family and contact person.


The same evening, they got the opportunity to attend a musical event at CEL performed by expert musicians from Sadhana Sangama Trust, Kundapura. The volunteers were very happy about that part of the program and all of them enjoyed the musical event.


Obviously, it was not work all the time. They also had some free time where they shared their feelings and got motivated. On the evening of the first day, the volunteers had a one-to-one meeting with their coordinators. All these discussions made the volunteers to strengthen their motivation for their remaining time in India.

All the LTV staff of FSL-India consider this evaluation to be a success. Moreover, according to the volunteers’ feedback, it has actually been successful, although quite challenging at times. Despite this, everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and the results.


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