Finger Prints – Varsha & Sahana

Finger Prints – Varsha & Sahana

On a Sunday morning, 17/12/2017, members of FSL-India’s Youth Development Program (YDP) went to Asha Nilaya and organized a painting event to engage the kids there.


The kids were of the age group 6-16 years and there were almost 20 volunteers. The event started with an ice-breaking session, where the kids and volunteers introduced themselves to each other.



Further, there were many fun games to entertain the kids such as dog and the bone, etc. Meanwhile, some of the volunteers were engaged in mixing paints, cutting vegetables like potato and ladies finger, and collecting chart sheets which were required for the event.




Once the kids were done with the fun games, both the kids and the volunteers were split into groups, given chart sheets, paints, chopped potatoes and ladies fingers, dried leaves and threads and got started with the event.



All the kids came out with new and innovative ideas of painting, which had no need of paint brushes.



They were free to approach the volunteers if they had some queries. Each child, filled with passion and enthusiasm, came out with extraordinary and beautiful paintings which awestruck everyone.




After this fun-filled event, the kids were provided with various kinds of food by the volunteers, which were received by the kids with utmost joy and pleasure.

This event has made a great impact on both the kids as well as the volunteers’ lives and has left them with the thought to help many more children.


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