Cultural visit – Cave temple, Kamalashile

Cultural visit – Cave temple, Kamalashile

One of the activities of FSL-India’s LTV volunteering program is a cultural visit, where we take our regular volunteers to cultural and historical places located in or around Kundapur.

temple visit.The cultural visit was held on 27th December with Alexo, Lola, and Eugenie, who came to India in December 2017 and work on FSL-India’s Sea Turtle Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture Projects at the Centre for Experiential Living, Kundapur.

So, in the morning, around 9.00 am, we met at Kundapur’s last bus stop and the coordinator, Dinesh explained the day’s plan to the volunteers. Then they took the bus from Kundapur to Kamalashile.

The famous Kamalashile Sri Brahmi Durgaparameshwari (Durga) temple is in the middle of a small forest top of a small hill. When the group entered the temple, the ceremony of “Aarthi” was performed and they took “Darshana”. According to Skanda Purana of Sahyadri Kanda, a beautiful lady by name Pingala was a court dancer who performed in front of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi on Kailash mountain.

kamalashile cave visit

It took 1 ½ hours to reach Kamalashile temple, where they first went to the river close to the temple and washed their faces. In the river, they could see a lot of fish and also nearby, many temple cows. Lola and Eugenie enjoyed this experience very much. They touched the cows and were very happy that the calves were so friendly.

Then they went to the temple and took “Darshan” from the goddess Durga and attended the maha pooja program at 12:30. They met the temple’s main Trustee, Darmadarshee and they interacted with him and explained about their project. Afterwards, all were served food in the temple. All the volunteers were very surprised because the food was served on big banana leaves and there was such a variety of food, and also a sweet.


The FSL-India LTV volunteers enjoyed the cultural experience very much and thanked Dinesh for his excellent support.

Group picture front of cave.

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