QTE – Mysore & Bangalore: 23rd & 16th November 2017

QTE – Mysore & Bangalore: 23rd & 16th November 2017

In the month of November 2017, FSL-India, LTV-Bangalore Region organized a Quarterly Evaluation (QTE) for our long-term volunteers at Pondicherry and Mysore.

QTE- Pondicherry (3)

The event took place between 20th-21st November 2017, at Mysore and 27th-28th November 2017, at Pondicherry. In Pondicherry, there were 22 volunteers and at Mysore, there were 16 volunteers from AFS, EG, and IJGD-Germany who took part in the evaluation.

QTE- Pondicherry (1)

The main objective of the QTE is to ensure understanding of their project, host family system and the intercultural acceptance through evaluation and to help participants settle on their future actions.

QTE-Mysore (1)

The LTV team organized different activities like host family skit, a session about activities, challenges, progress and expected outcome, Sustainable Development Goal result, followed by an open discussion.

QTE- Pondicherry (2)

QTE-Mysore (2)

We also conducted some games and energizers to make the evaluation more interesting.

QTE-Mysore (4)

QTE- Pondicherry (4)

Feedback from Volunteers

* Amazing

* I liked to have good talks with everybody

* Super food

* Helped emotionally, psychologically and psychologically

* Funny and short enough to be interesting

* It was nice meeting everyone after 3 months and sharing experience

* It was good seeing everybody, hearing about their experiences

* Really great food

* Comfortable beds

* Good working structure exactly right amount of workload

* Very good food

* It’s nice to meet the other volunteers again

* Good to collect for myself what is good/need to improve where do I need help / what can I do myself? Compare my situation to others good for FSL-India to see what is not working.

* Session were informative easy to follow and also fun.Thanks for the creativity and work you did. Definitely no waste of time. Best was discussing these we need in the group and the one-to-one talk with the coordinator.


QTE-Mysore (3)

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