Christmas at CEL, Kundapur

Christmas at CEL, Kundapur

As a part of our cultural exchange, FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living (CEL), Shetrakatte celebrated Christmas on the 22nd of December, with the volunteers and staff.

IMG-20171222-WA0013The volunteers first decorated the Christmas tree with festive stars and bells.


Later, the volunteers also baked some delicious chocolate cinnamon cake in the rice cooker, by using some sand at the bottom, which some of the volunteers learned from Rubiya, a former local volunteer from Mavinaktte.


Manjesh then helped Tizia prepare a special Christmas chai with cinnamon as the special ingredient, which first everyone was skeptical about, but later agreed that it tasted very good.


In the Christmas spirit, Christmas music was, of course, played the whole evening, with some volunteers dancing and singing. In the evening, everyone got together to enjoy the great cake, chai and even chocolate that some volunteers brought from Germany.


It was a pleasure to celebrate this holiday together and share some of our traditions with each other.

With that, FSL-India‘s CEL wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!


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