Our time in India – Vivienne & Helena, Germany

Our time in India – Vivienne & Helena, Germany

Our names are Vivienne and Helena and we came to India for 4 weeks because we wanted to get an insight into Indian culture. As many people might say “4 weeks, that’s not enough time to get to know a country”. We have to agree, but still, we saw and learned so much in this month that we feel like we’ve spent much more time here.


We arrived in Bangalore in the beginning of October, and came with almost no expectations, as we simply could not imagine how different life can be compared to what we know from Germany. Bangalore, in the beginning, literally almost overran us with its traffic, noises, streets, and people. We had 5 days there to get a closer look at the city, to learn a little about India’s people and about its culture and to get used to our new living conditions for the next few weeks. We have to say that all the people at the office from FSL-India were a huge help to us because they showed us around, taught us about Indian food and how to eat it, and organized many activities for us such as a yoga class, a Bollywood movie, and some sightseeing.

After these 5 days with so many new impressions, our trip went on to Mysore, which we experienced as a very pretty city. Although we only had 2 days, we managed to visit the beautiful Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill with the temple, and a great market. We probably could have spent many more days at this place, there was still so much to see. However, because we didn’t reach our final destination yet, we took the night bus to reach Kundapur, which was so much fun, although it was kind of difficult to sleep because we just rolled around all the time.


There, after some difficulties and heavy rainfall, we met our host family who was so nice and caring. From the first second on, we could only feel welcomed and safe. In comparison to Mysore and Bangalore, Kundapur was much calmer and smaller, which was a nice contrast to the turbulent days we had before.  From the next day on, for the next 3 weeks, we quickly got into daily life, which means we went to our kindergarten project in the mornings and spent the afternoons and evenings in the town, or with our host family.


The kindergarten project was definitely not always easy because of the huge language barrier, but the children were so cute and adapted to the conditions and we managed the communication with hands and feet so that this problem was also solved after a few days.  Our 3 weeks at Kundapur went by so fast but still, we got the chance to have so many great moments, which cannot all be named in one article, but which we’ll always keep in our minds.


We experienced India as a very colorful and friendly country, which is defined by so much more than the few things you know about India in Germany, and we are very glad we could get to know all of this.

We now have to say goodbye to India, although there is much more to see here, but we had a great time and enjoyed the insight we could get here so much, so thank you India and FSL-India for everything. We hope to see you soon again!

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