Organic farm visit – Batrahadi Farm, Neralakatte

Organic farm visit – Batrahadi Farm, Neralakatte

On Wednesday, 22nd of November 2017, FSL-India volunteers, together with Manjunath, FSL-India’s Coordinator, working at the Center for Experimental Living (CEL) at Kundapur, visited the local Batrahadi Farm in Neralakatte. The farm is all-organic and managed by Mr. Padmanabha Adiga.


37 years ago, Mr. Adiga, who then did not have an organic farm, realized that by using chemicals to maintain a farm he would be harming the environment, the animals and himself. Due to this awareness, he decided to change his way of farming and started an organic farm. On his farm, he produces everything he needs for a living, which is why he never has to go to a shop and does not have to buy anything from the outside. He is really sustainable! He even gets rewarded by the government for maintaining his farm.


To cook, Mr. Adiga produces biogas out of the methane from cow dung. First, the cow dung is collected and inserted into the mixing pot, where it is mixed with water. Afterwards, the mixture is transported into the closed gas producer. The finished gas is immediately transported to the cooking stove, while the remaining is transported into the filter, where it is used for the plants.


He also keeps bees for pollination and for producing honey.


It was very interesting to see how he manages to maintain an all-organic farm and for us, the FSL-India team, it is an inspiration to make our own CEL as organic and sustainable as Mr. Adiga‘s farm.


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