Global Human Rights Week at Milagres College, Udupi

Global Human Rights Week at Milagres College, Udupi

For the second time, FSL-India’s HBP (Home Based Project) team from CEL visited a local college to conduct a session on ‘Sustainable Development Goals: an answer to Human Rights violation’. This time we visited Milagres College, Kaliampur, Udupi.


The session started with a presentation from Marta, FSL-India coordinator from Spain so that the participants understand how many challenges human rights and peace are suffering nowadays, all over the world.


Then, as a solution, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were presented. In this case, the 2030 agenda for the SD goals was presented as a solution from the UN for the world to work together for a sustainable development of youth as the key point, for the transformation of the world.


The best part of the presentation is when the youth is pointed out as the solution to the community problems and we make these students feel responsible for their communities’ development.


Afterwards, volunteers from Sweden, Germany, France, and India (working locally) joined together with the students of Masters in Social Work and BCom for the session of working groups on this topic.


They were divided into smaller groups in which to debate about different social issues, their definition, relationship with human rights violations, the SDG that would work as a solution and create a strategic plan to overcome these problems in their communities.


It is always a pleasure to visit Milagres College. Their hospitality is highly appreciated and the students are always really engaged in the sessions.


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