FSL-India’s visit to Bhandarkars College, Kundapur

FSL-India’s visit to Bhandarkars College, Kundapur

Once again, FSL-India visited a college to conduct a session on Sustainable Development Goals. This time it was Bhandarkars College, Kundapur.


The session started with a nice welcoming from the students and the lecturers. Then, the students and volunteers gathered around to enjoy some fun energizers.

Afterwards, FSL-India’s Coordinator Marta Gonzalez, from Spain, informed the students about FSL-India as a youth organization and our work in rural areas. Furthermore, she talked about the challenges that come with trying to achieve human rights and world peace.


As a possible solution, she presented the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) by the UN with which we hopefully can achieve a sustainable development until 2030, with the youth as a key point for the development of rural communities.


To understand the topic better, the students formed different groups, with one volunteer joining to discuss different social issues and finding a solution to solve this specific problem. In the end, each group chose a team leader to present the issue they discussed and the solution they had thought of. Lastly, everyone got together to share some delicious snacks and chai.


It was a pleasure to visit Bhandarkars College and to see the students open their mind and think beyond what they know.




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