Experiential Education Session at Tumkur

Experiential Education Session at Tumkur

At the end of October, for the second time, FSL-India’s Training Department conducted a 2-day training on Experiential Education for Head Held High-Tumkur.


In these 2 sessions, around 40 and 25 participants respectively joined for the dynamics.



As many of you might know, FSL-India follows non-formal education and experiential education principles for the participants to attain the learnings we expect them to get, so no lectures are given in our sessions.




The objectives of the trainings for this organization are to bring the team together, to raise awareness on their responsibility towards the disadvantaged youth they are working with and to let them understand how to make learning more interesting and dynamic.




Both trainings have meant loads of fun and new ideas and learnings. It has been great to work with such passionate and active people.




We are looking forward to more sessions like these. If you are part of any educational or corporate institution and you would like to have this type of sessions at your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us!




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  1. Thank you FSL India to spend your precious time with us. It was memorable events for HHHf. You are lovely and energetic person. I am lucky to join with you people. you and your are doing great job.