Environmental Education Session – November 16th, 2017

Environmental Education Session – November 16th, 2017

It was the second session of Environmental Education at the Government Higher Primary School, Neralakatte. Four volunteers, i.e. Nikolina, Ellen, Sofia and Ellen from FSL-India, together with Manjesh and Dinesh (for the translation), talked about the three different types of pollution. The children already knew a lot about the topic and therefore, they could interact well.


We started with a mind map to inform the children about pollution. Afterwards, the team talked about the air, water, and land pollution. Pollution is harmful to the people because humans will get sick when they drink dirty water or breathe in polluted air. Dirty landscapes can hurt us for e.g., by stepping on glass. The children were very interested and therefore, it was easy going.


We spread plastics all over the classroom and it showed the children that we have to work together to reduce the pollution.


Another game reinforced the same. The children stood in two lines and shook the hands of each other. On one side is a bottle. One person is sent electricity through the hands and it is passed on. The last person must try to grab the bottle faster than the last person from the other team.  The sense of these games is that only together we can achieve something.



At the end, we talked about how we can make the earth better and reduce the pollution. The result was not to throw away anything, using the bicycle or public transportation instead of the car, or planting trees and flowers. The children understood most of the points and made plans on how they can realize the points and reduce the pollution.



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